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How much does it cost?

Check out our online store for prices. Click SHOP in the above menu.


What size of aquarium will it clean?

The minimum height requirement is 22 inches.  It can be any length. The track does not have to go all the way around the aquarium.  You can define any area to be the beginning and end of your cleaning.


How smart is the OS360?

  • You can set an automated schedule to clean every day or whenever it is needed. You can also just press the clean button whenever you are ready to begin.

  • If the cleaning is very long and the battery is low, it will remember where it last left off. It will then recharge itself and will continue from the same spot once recharged.

  •  It can be programmed to move around objects such as pumps.

  • You can program the speed, the acceleration and the deceleration.


How does the OS360 prevent sand from getting caught on the brush and scratching the aquarium?

The following features of the OS360 minimizes the risk of any sand getting caught on the brush:

  • Velcro is not used on the wet brush. Through rigorous testing, we have come up with a smoother close cell material that does not grab the sand. 

  •  Setting slower cleaning patterns for  the bottom one inch of the aquarium prevents the sand from being disturbed. 

  • You can also start the cleaning process manually and watch the wet brush to make sure that it has not been contaminated by any sand.  Unlike other brush systems, the outside dry brush is much smaller than the wet brush and you can easily inspect the inner wet brush.



Does it work on salt water, fresh water, acrylic, and glass tanks?

It does all of the above!


What is the power source?

Lithium ion batteries, 14.8 volts and 2200 mAh. The batteries will last an average of one hour of continous cleaning and recharges in 40 minutes.


Where can I buy the OS360?

At this time, the OS360 will be available online only. 


I have an odd shaped tank, will  OS360 work for me?

There will be the option to order a customized version that will even work on curved tanks.


Is there only one speed?

You can decide between slow, med, or fast. Please see "how smart is the OS360" above,


How long can I leave it running for?

We recommend scheduling a cleaning cycle 5 times a day to maintain your aquarium in impeccable condition. The OS360 is extremely robust and its stepper motors have a life expectancy of 20,000 hours.


Is the OS360 FCC Certified?

The OS360 is FCC Part 15, B(2015) Certified. EMI , CE, and RoHs Compliant. Third party verification CRIQ #53794, #54765.


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