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How It Works

The first automated all wall aquarium cleaner. 

The OS360 is able to go around corners, avoid obstacles  and remove algae from all four sides.  We're the first to bring this amazing, one of a kind prototype to market.


  • The OS360 runs on a lithium ion battery. supplying 14.8v and 2200mAh.  


  • An on board electronic board charges and balances the 4 cells at a charge rate of .8C.  


  • A charged battery can clean a 300 gallon tank in 12 minutes and re-charge itself in 35 minutes. 


  • The battery can run for 60 minutes without charging. 


  • A 24volt power supply is connected to the bottom track and automatically charges the robot when it parks there.


  • The  tracks come in kits and snap together. The top track and bottom track are held by 3M two sided tape. This tape is very strong, but if necessary, can be easily removed.

  • The OS360  communicates wirelessly to the internet.

  • The OS360 is FCC Part 15, B(2015) Certified. EMI , CE, and RoHs Compliant. Third party verification CRIQ #53794, #54765.



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